Your Pōcfest Planning Committee

Brynn K. (West Virginia)
Chad H. (Pennsylvania)
Turn-ons: euchre. Turn-offs: musk melon
Diana L. (Pennsylvania)
Turn-ons: WV wildlife, psychsploitation, "The Soup." Turn-offs: hairballs, Hallmark holidays
Dwight S. (Maryland)
Turn-ons: pancakes, Sea monkeys, Mr. & Mrs. Grover Cleveland, Scandinavia, following rules. Turn-offs: washing dishes, people who aren't on Facebook
Sarah Z. (New York)
Turn-ons: hot walkers, tabbys, peas. Turn-offs: stand-up, yogurt, reggae


Adrian P. (Kentucky)
Carey S. (New York)
Turn-ons: Swimming. Turn-offs: Morning people
Cindi R. (New York)
Dave M. (New York)
David R. (North Carolina)
Dick F. (West Virginia)
Emily D. (Pennsylvania)
Turn-ons: Ice cream, hot sauce, whiskey. Turn-offs: Fruit flies
Greg P. (Pennsylvania)
Turn-ons: water play, women with shaved heads, rope swings, nature. Turn-offs: Yap dogs.
Gypsye L. (North Carolina)
Turn-offs: meanness
Jennifer A. (Maryland)
Turn-ons: used book sales, Elvis Costello, unusual perfumes, a husband who washes dishes. Turn-offs: Philadelphia drivers, ants in the kitchen
Jimi J. (District of Columbia)
Turn-ons: Long walks on the beach; chest hair. Turn offs: Smoking; people who are full of theyselves
Joe B. (South Carolina)
John P. (Pennsylvania)
Turn-ons: Spinach, Pizza, Philadelphia Drivers. Turn-offs: Having to get to West Virginia without a car
Julia G. (Illinois)
Turn-ons: all things sparkly. Turn-offs: meat products, tube socks
Julie S-P (Kentucky)
Karin H.J. (District of Columbia)
Katrina L. (North Carolina)
Katie T. (New York):
Turn-ons: Gael Garcia Bernal. Turn-offs: those who do not like to skinny dip or play spin the bottle
Kelli H. (Tennessee)
Turn-ons: raw fish, lens flares, pinky rings. Turn-offs: still uncomfortable with steampunk movement, unclear why.
Kelly A. (New York)
Turn-ons: swimming holes, pepperoni rolls, ramps (the planty WV kind), moonshine, square dances, knobs, hollers, Ro-Revus. Turn-offs:  insect-borne diseases, poison ivy, poison oak, poison sumac, jerks
Liz C. (Massachusetts)
Turn-ons: vegetarians, drunkards, trouble, punk rock, country music. Turn-offs: hippies, anything that can be construed as "adult contemporary," guns, and adult contemporary-loving hippies with guns
Lisa W. (Tennessee)
Logan B. (New York)
Melissa D. (Massachusetts)
Turn-ons: Pearl Buck, ghost stories, chattiness, my bunny Langston, being pleasantly surprised.Turn-offs: Navel gazers
Michael E. (New York)
Turn-ons: surfing, sunsets on the beach. Turn-offs: rude people
Molly W. (Connecticut)
Turn-ons: this crew. Turn-offs: some others
Skip E. (North Carolina)
Turn-ons: cool breezes, a swimming hole. Turn-offs: mosquitos, poison ivy